Founded in 2007, KORUS is one of the best localization service provider, specializes from English to Korean.

KORUS has highly qualified manpower with following competencies.

  • One-stop service with high quality
  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast turnaround

KORUS has been managing localization projects in a effective way.
Based on accumulated lots of experiences on this localization field
for over 15 years, we always

  • keep efficient work process
  • improve quality of delivery
  • satisfy customer's needs and meet the deadline

By KORUS people - humans, not software, all translation is created for delivery.
To support our professional translators, we have developed software and systems that helps us to automate the translation workflow, extract and replace translatable text from hundreds of document formats, store completed translations for re-use and translator training, and assist with automating quality control tasks.
KORUS technology enables better quality, faster translation and reduced prices.